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Apr. 8th, 2008

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

Fall into Me- Eric/ Calleigh

newest E/C vid

Jan. 21st, 2008

Ron/Hermione, Harry Potter

Best Laid Plans a Rose/Scorpius fic

Author: admiral_sab
Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter/Rose-Scorpius, Ron/Hermione
Rating: PG
Summary: Rose sets a plan in motion and it backfires. "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"
Author's notes: Just a thought I've had since finishing DH. It's a Rose/Scorpius story overall, but Ron/Hermione and Trio moments are sprinkled throughout.

chapter twoCollapse )

Jan. 16th, 2008

Ron/Hermione, Harry Potter

Best Laid Plans a Rose/Scorpius fic

Best Laid Plans

Author: admiral_sab
Pairing: Rose/Scorpius
Author's Notes: A story I've had in my head for awhile. Hope ya'll enjoy it. Thanks to lavendar_ia betaing this! :)
x-posted to fanfiction.net

(I don't own Harry Potter. I only own the books and movies. It's all JKR's.)
Chapter OneCollapse )

Jan. 14th, 2008

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

Harry Potter Post DH Fic Recs

Ok so I've read lots of Post DH fics and as I find them I'll post them here, but only the ones I really really like.

Most are Ron/Hermione and some will be Rose/Scorpius, because they have a new place in my heart. :)

Twilight and Daybreak by madisonmarie (In progress) http://www.checkmated.com/story.php?story=9354

Twelve Fail-Safe Ways by michelleypie (Complete- 13 chapters)

Now or Never by queenbee23 (In progress)
It's a Sorpius/Rose story, but R/Hr are featured as well.

Second Prophecy by tinkerbell (in progress)
Another next gen fic http://www.checkmated.com/story.php?story=9430

Christmas Surprises by Chickadee (Complete- one shot)

Ok those are checkmated stories. I'll update with more later from other sites.


Summer Holidays by Penknife (complete- one shot)

Moments in Second Person by biggrstaffbunch (In progress)

Nov. 16th, 2007

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

Head over Feet_PT


Nov. 12th, 2007

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

Paris/Torres- Me and You

A tribute to my fave "Ship", P/T.

Nov. 3rd, 2007

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

Take Me There- Paris/Torres

Hope ya'll like it. Please rate/review/comment and let me know what you think.

Aug. 28th, 2007

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

New Eric/Calleigh Video.

It's to the song Chemicals React by Aly & AJ.

May. 3rd, 2007

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

Eric/Calleigh- Something to Talk About


Mar. 12th, 2007

B'Elanna/Tom, Destiny

It Will Be Me- Eric/Calleigh

My first Eric/Calleigh vid

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